Solar Lantern

he d.light S350 solar-powered lantern ensures that your mobile battery never runs out, while also illuminating your home or business. The USB-enabled lantern comes with mobile phone battery chargers­­­—just connect the solar panel, charge it in the sun, and plug in your mobile device. The unique, angled lens of the d.light S350 reflects light at a wide angle, allowing it to light up an entire room. This bright LED solar light comes with four different settings. The sturdy, rugged design of the S350 ensures that you have a fully charged mobile, whenever you need it.

Battery: 8–16 hours of light per full charge
Brightness: 10x brighter than kerosene
Solar Panel: Separate solar panel included
Portability: Comfortable handle, strap
Charger: Mobile charging
Product Highlights
Keeping you connected: The S350 is simple and easy to use. Just plug the solar panel into the lantern, charge the unit during the day, and connect your mobile when the indicator light shows the lantern is charged. Save money and time with the S350.

Customize your light: The d.light S350’s high-efficiency LED solar light provides four different brightness settings—120 hours on our “Bedlight” setting,30 hours on our “Low” setting, 16 hours on our “Medium” setting, and 8 hours on our “High” setting.
This all parameters are based on 100 % (full) Battery Charging.

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